Charlie Morrow

Charlie Morrow, by Tim Page - A Portrait     Biography

Milestones – (Milestones document on Dropbox)


February 9, 1942 – Birth. Parents Laura E. Morrow, MD and J. Lloyd Morrow, MD.

Summer 1942 – He hears U.S. Army marching band internally and externally. on visit with mom to Army psychiatrist dad, Darnell General Hospital, Lexington, KY. Standing by bass drum on parade ground, he feels hears the drum played for him.

1953–55 – Boy Scouts Bugle Player, trumpet studies with Sam Martinique, Passaic, NJ

1954 – Age 12 Radio Amateur. Taught himself Morse Code, FCC rules and electronics. Took FCC licensing test in NYC, became KN2LIS, then K2LIS.

1956–57 – Newark Academy. Newark, NJ. First experiments with 12–tone methods and systematic composition under Carlo Lombardi, student of Luigi Dallapiccola.
National Music Camp. Interlochen, MI. Studied orchestation with Edward Chudakoff.

1957 – Composed and performed Very Slow Gabrieli.

1957Interruption Music (unknown to the conductor...). Unknown to the conductor, the orchestra has met and planned this surprise, to be preformed while playing any work of music.  At arranged time in performance or rehearsal, all stop playing, make noises.

1957 Psychic Music for Concert Band (no audible music). The musicians perform any work of music without making a sound, miming the performance. They create the music internally – mentally, emotionally – and psychically project it.

1957 Air Music for Concert Band. The musicians perform any work of music, playing their instruments with only breath and instrument mechanism sounds.

College, conservatory, career start (1958 – 77)

1958 – Beginning of school at Columbia College, New York City, studying chemistry and music – ethnomusicology with Willard Rhodes, music history with Otto Luening. Friends with Colin Turnbull, Allen Ginsberg, Art Garfunkel and John Corigliano. Played trumpet for Columbia University Band and in free improvisation clubs and jams.
Wrote music for Barnard Junior Show.

1961 – Met Philip Corner performing Stravinsky’s L'Histoire du Soldat. Corner was playing trombone. Morrow was playing trumpet.

1961 – Met Jim Tenney, Malcolm Goldstein, Edgard Varese, Charles Dodge, Milton Babbitt. Corner introduced Morrow to John Cage.

1962 – Copy editor of Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Acoustical Society of America, American Institute of Physics. Trumpet studies with Simon Karasick.

1962 – Created two rubber stamp art works: REALLY and Author: Please Destroy.

1962 – Entered Mannes School of Music, met Jerome Rothenberg. Made a career decision to pursue music instead of medicine. Met Andy Warhol, Max Neuhaus.
Norman Seaman, Gregory Reeve, Charlotte Moorman. Studied with William Sydeman, Felix Salzer, Carl Schachter, and Stefan Wolpe. Inspired by Leopold Mannes.

1963 – Met Folke Rabe, Arthur Weisberg, Michael Colgrass, Charles Wittenberg, Pinkas Zuckerman, Murray Perahia.

1964 – Played trumpet for Tone Roads Concerts at The New School, New York City. Tone Roads, named for a Charles Ives work, was a chamber ensemble formed by Philip Corner, James Tenney and Malcolm Goldstein. Met Carolee Schneemann.

1964 – Met Charlotte Moorman and assisted in organizing the New York Avant Garde Festival. Met Nam Jun Paik, Karl Heinz Stockhausen, Mary Bauermeister, Yoko Ono, David Behrman, David Tudor and Gordon Mumma.

1965 – Composed New Music for Trumpet and Ensemble. Commissioned works from Corner and other New York composers. Performed at universities and at Carnegie Hall. Edward Murray, conductor, pianist. Met Murray's friend, photographer Dean Brown and wife, painter Carol Brown.

1965 – Painter Carol Brown introduced Morrow to the art world and Frances Thompson Films.

1965 Marilyn Monroe Collage composed and presented at Sidney Janis Gallery for Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe Show, through Carol Brown.

1965 – Helped with arrangements on Simon and Garfunkel’s “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” album.

1965 – Prize for And Thou Shalt Love, performed at San Francisco Opera House, Broadcast on NBC, Edward G. Robinson, mc. Performed beside Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms. While in San Francisco Morrow met Pauline Oliveros, Ramon Sender and Mort Subotnick.

1965 – Introduction to and beginning of jingle writing by Andy Mashberg, colleague of Laura Morrow, MD. Met David Altschiller, Carl Alley, Fred Papert, Bob Cox, Buck Warnick.

1966 – Produced four track recordings of Jerome Rothenberg's Horse Songs. Steve Smolian, engineer. Met Smolian's friend Steve Addiss.

1966 – Arranged and produced music for Eastern Ferris Wheel, Addiss & Crofut, Columbia Records. John Hammond, senior producer.–ferris–wheel–mw0001882531
Sleep Faster We Need the Pillow, Michael Lessac managed by Bob Dylan's brother, Dave Zimmerman for Hammond. Worked in CBS studios, NYC as same time as David Behrman produced Music in Our Time: Reich, Glass and Riley.

1967 – Met Mike Appel and made arrangements for The Balloon Farm. 45rpm single, Question of Temperature, on the charts.

1967 Zoo Music composed and recorded with Philip Corner, Gabby Weiss, Alison Knowles at Central Park Zoo. Spatial kinetic playback. Met Dick Higgins, Geoff Hendricks, George Maciunas, Yoshi Wada, Jean Dupuy

1967 – Married to Edna Golandsky. Moved to 365 West End Avenue, NYC
facing Miles Davis' house on west 77th Street. Met Toru Takamitsu, Marco Rosales, Jay Messina, Tony LoBianco, Michael Stout, Dan Morgenstern, Ralph and Deborah Caplan, Sheldon Bach, PhD. Worked as administrator for Arthur Weisberg, Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. Met Elliot Carter.

1967 (till 2002) – Developed 365 West End flat as an in–home studio – First production of recordings by Rothenberg, Mac Low and Corner.

1968 – Composed and performed Mars Doppler Shift Echo Event. Set in a nonurban, interplanetary space.

1968 – Sideman on Jerome Rothenberg English Tour. Visited Utrecht Institute of Sonology.

1968 – Met Barry Minsky. Founded Minsky Morrow Management Ltd., began scoring feature films through Minsky’s contacts. This partnership dissolved in 1969.

1968 – Arranged music for songs “Look Around” and “A Ray of Hope”. Wrote Look Around, Groovin', Do You Feel It, for Rascals and symphony orchestra, Joseph Eger, conductor. Recorded by Atlantic Records. Minsky's contact.

1968 – Joined ASCAP. Wrote manifesto: View from the Bottom of the Heap.

1968 – Rock Opera A Little Brigati Music composed with Jerome Rothenberg performed in Town Hall Concert. NYC. Supported by Dave and Eddie Brigati.

1968 Soundpiece for Rock Amplified Piano performed in Town Hall Concert. NYC.

1969 Telephone Music (tape collage piece) and four The Soundhead Shows WBAI FM composed and performed.

1969 – Founded Charles Morrow Associates Inc. as the crucible for commercial sound production work.

1969 – Scored soundtrack for Moonwalk One, a 70mm Francis Thompson film for NASA. MOMA New York premier. Prize winning film re–released in 2010 by BBC.
Met Francis Thompson, Alexander Hammid, Theo Kamecke, William Jonas.

1969 – Created sound environments for Knoll Furniture Show in The Louvre, Paris. The installation included three sound environments for three periods of Knoll furniture: the 20s, 40s and 60s. Chaparro Design, through Francis Thompson.

1969– Stan Goldberg with Wavy Gravy edits the Woodstock Festival tapes in Morrow studio. Wavy has Morrow record Allen GInsberg and the Living Theater in the studio
for Earth People's Park benefit album,.

1971 Greeting Piece, based on greeting gestures from around the world, developed and performed. Morrow has performed this piece for over 30 years.

1971 – Composed Three Personal Chants: Morningstar, Late Afternoon, Drum.

1971 Breath Chant composed and performed by four–track quartet.

1971 Fourth Chant composed and recorded.

1971 Spirit Voices, a shamanic opera based on concepts of Siberian shamanism premiered at The Kitchen, Mercer Street Hotel, NY. Featuring Carole Weber, flutes, Gordon Mumma, saw and tuba ensemble. Rhys Chatham, director. Met Phill Niblock.

1971 – Music and sound design for John Avildsen's feature film, OK Bill aka Sweet Dreams.

1972 – Began producing Morrow projects at Record Plant Studio, NYC. Recording with Roy Cicala, Jack Douglas, Jay Messina.

1972 – Created and directed A Healing Piece with the Performance Group (a precursor to the Wooster Group) at the Performing Garage in Soho, NYC.

1972–79 – Joined Philip Corner's Sounds Out of Silent Spaces group. Met Tom Johnson, RIP Hayman, Julie Winter and Bill Fontana. Alison Knowles participated.
1972 – Release of the cassette Personal Chants by SoundHead Editions. Also known as the “Bear” cassette. Margo Zalkind–Schur, designer.

1972 Sun Chant composed. This later became the theme music for the annual New Wilderness Solstice celebrations. Staged a solstice event in Rockies above Boulder, CO.

1972Birth of Wargod, Aztec text translated by Rothenberg commissioned by the Western Wind Vocal Ensemble. Morrow chanted on 4 track recorder, then transcribed.

January 23, 1973 An Evening with Two Charlies at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall featuring work by Charlie Morrow and Charles Ives (arranged by Morrow), performed by The New York Imperial Pickup Night Guard Band, Henry Shuman, bandmaster. Morrow’s Requiem for the Victims of Kent State and Trumpet Concerto was performed. This evening coincided with President Lyndon B. Johnson’s funeral.

1973 Wild in the Streets, Garland Jeffries, Dr. John's band, Dave Sanborn, arranged horns Roy Sicala, producer. Jack Douglas, engineer.

1973 – Music and sound design for Time–Life’s “America” series. Morrow designed music and sound for the 13 part educational version of Time– Life's "America" series.

1973 – Awarded the CAPS grant for composition.

June 21, 1973 –1989 – Beginning of the Solstice Sun Celebrations in a dawn duet with flutist Carol Weber. Performed early in the morning in Central Park, NYC.
Covered by ABC, NBC, CBS jump starting Morrow's image, attracting the NYC Department of Parks to propose further celebrations with media.

August 9, 1973 Concert for Fish, a concert including sections in fish language, performed in Little Neck Bay. Performed in the hours between Richard Nixon’s resignation and Gerald Ford’s swearing–in. Made national and international news.

1974 – Solo Chanting Concert at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation.

1974 Ho Ho – Healing Chant, a litany with improv, composed and performed.

1974 Jew's Harp Imitation Chant, for solo chanter or group, composed and performed. This piece is a vocalization of the Jew’s harp sound.

1974 – Kaddish: a setting in Tibetan style created. Calligraphy on parchment ink with gold and silver.

1974 – Founded The New Wilderness Preservation Band with Carol Weber, later joined by Joan La Barbara, Bruce Ditmas and Harvie Schwarz. Created the New Wilderness concert series "new/old exploration of sound and oral literature" at Washington Square Methodist Church. This series opens the door to collaborations with poets, painters, filmmakers, American Indian artists and more.

1974 – Founded The New Wilderness Foundation, Inc. with Jerome Rothenberg for publishing, recording, broadcasting, event making. The Foundation supported new/old explorations of sound and oral literature.

1974 – Created manifesto and lecture, Music Outside the Concert Hall.

1974 The Book of Numbers written and performed at Phil Niblock’s loft concert series.

1974 – Became Journalist for The SOHO Weekly News, writing about the work of Alison Knowles, Philip Corner, Jackson MacLow, Arthur Russell, Karin Bacon and many more. Wrote polemic essays like “In the Wilderness”. Met Peter Frank.

1975 – New Wilderness Foundation takes on Ear Magazine and more. Produces Benefit at Washington Square Church. John Cage, Bernard Heidsieck, Laurie Anderson, John Giorno, Alison Knowles. Met Rene Bloch.

1975 – Composed and performed Chanting in Six Voices, for solo chanter in six different voices (or vocal characters), six different microphones, each feeding one of six loudspeakers set out in a hexagram.

1975, 77, 78, 85 – MOMA Summergarden performance

1975 – Interview by Walter Zimmerman for Desert Plants: Conversations With 23 American Musicians.

1975 – The Ear Inn Thanksgiving Art Feast. RIP Hayman, Sari Dienes, Jean Dupuy, Mary Nell Hawk, Alison Knowles, Geoffrey Hendricks. The start of Ear Inn based events.

1976 – Founded New Wilderness Audiographics – audiocassette label.
Ondina Fiore, co–producer, Mary Nell Hawk, graphic design. 40 titles released by 1984.
Artists include Spencer Holst, Tui St. George Tucker, Leonard and Mary Crowdog, Philip Corner, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros, Hannah Weiner, Armand Schwerner, RIP Hayman, Donna Henes. Bread & Puppet Circus. Bernard Heidsieck, Tom Johnson, Dick Higgins.

1976 – Summer Solstice Event: Signals and Calls for Mass Brass on Roof, The Clocktower, New York, NY.

1976 – Reveille and Taps across America composed and performed. Buglers across the country played, in sequence and based on timings, reveille at sunrise and taps at sunset.

1976 Chanting Book Published.

1976 – Chanting Workshop conducted over a two–day period, exploring breath, chanting, listening, and concepts of the body as a bell.

1976 Panda Chant, a memorial piece for a well–loved house cat, composed and performed – The chanter rocks between two microphones, purring, etc.

1977 – Founded the Ocarina Orchestra with RIP Hayman, Armand Schwerner, Charles Doria, Mary Nell Hawk, Sari Dienes, David Galt, Jessica Goodyear, Andor Orand, Starry Krueger, Glen Velez, Kathy Keenan, Jaron Lanier, Lee Gongwer and Savanna.

1977 Sky Song Chant composed and performed with gong and voice. The speed of the wind determines tempo; the formulaic melody is set at this tempo; the mood of the melody is determined by the color of the light and time of day; the presence of birds determines the introduction and shape of a second melody. When the birds are out of sight, the first melody resumes.

1977 – Music for Maysles' and Charlotte Zwerin film, History of the Newspaper.

1977 – Publication of Healing Book, a selection of healing recipes. Published with illustrator and designer Mary Hell Hawk.

1977 Vision Chant (Dream Song) developed and performed by dropping into a dream world of the non–sleeping.


Events, ceremonies, broadcasts (1977 – 1996)

June 21, 1977 Wave Music for 40 Cellos produced by New Wilderness, Solstice Celebration at Wave Hill, the Bronx, NY. Simca Heled, soloist. Conducted by Paul Dunkel.

June 21, 1978Wave Music II for 100 musicians with lights and Native American singer, produced by New Wilderness, Solstice Celebration in Central Park at sundown. The piece concluded with all musicians performing all the way home.

1978Sun Chant sung by Charlie Morrow at SUNDAY, a celebration of solar energy at the United Nations and broadcast around the world. Leonard Crowdog, Robert Redford.

1978 – Shift of focus to Dream Songs (and, in effect, sound poetry).

1978 – Performed in Flux Funeral for George Maciunas.

1978 – Met Glen Velez and established The Horizontal Vertical Band.
Released 45rpm Pelican Dance, Bugle Tune '80, direct disc White Album '81.

1978 – DAAD invitation to Berlin. Rene Bloch

1979 – Met partner Carol Tuynman Fader.

1979 – Sky Song WBAI FM – sunset chants. Poster, Geoffrey Hendricks.

1979 Transcanadian Sunrise performed in Nova Scotia and broadcast on radio stations across Canada at hour delays (for each sunrise across the continent).

1979 – “Group Chant”, a group vocal exploration of the word “soft,” composed and performed.

1979 – Met Wolf Rogosky, GGK New York writer. Moved CMA to GGK, 1515 Broadway. Then met Paul Gredinger, Hans Peter Weiss, Bertel Schmitt, Cornelia Kiss, Christian Blackwood. This was a turning point for CMA economically and artistically, an introduction to the European art advertising circle that supported Daniel Spoerri, Dieter Roth etc.

1979 – Founded the Grand Conch Chorus. Up to 100 conch horn players, led Ralph Lee's Village Halloween Parade.

June 21, 1979 Wave Music III for 60 Clarinets and a Boat Horn, produced by New Wilderness Solstice Celebrations in Battery Park, New York City. Performed by 6 groups of 10 clarinets from each clarinet type.

1979 – Wave Music III: 60 Clarinets and a Boat exhibition at Beucker & Harpsichords Gallery. 60 proportional lines in graphite on wall.

1979 – Participated in in New Music New York at the Kitchen, NYC, showcasing chants and the Ocarina Orchestra. Rhys Chatham, curator Met Poul Borum, poet and cultural journalist from Copenhagen. This event opened the world for Morrow

1979 – The New Wilderness Letter founded.

1979 – In New York, met Danish Fluxus artist, Eric Andersen through Dick Higgins, Danish museum director Marianne Bech through Alison Knowles.

1979 – Participated in the 11th International Text Sound Festival, Toronto. Met Sten Hansen, Henri Chopin, The Four Horsemen (McCaffery, Nichol, Dutton, Baretta–Rivera), Peggy Gale and Michael Snow.

1979 – Performed in Copenhagen, Denmark: Glyptotek, Danmarks Radio, The Royal Conservatory of Music, lectured at Copenhagen University – organized by Poul Borum. Met Per Nørgaard, Ib Nørholm, Karl–Aage Rasmussen, Poul Ruders, Bo Holten, Fuzzy, Trevor Davies and KIT staff.

1979 – Performed in Stockholm, Sweden – Fylkingen, outdoors in Kings Fields, – with Sten Hanson, who organized. Met Heidi von Born, Bengt Emil Johnson, Lars Gunnar Bodin, Bengt Av Klintberg.

1980s – Granted three awards for jingles:
1. Clio Award for TV jingle Spa–a–a–ain for the Spanish National Tourist
2. OfficeADDY Award for jingle Train to the Plane
3. Cannes Golden Eagle for TV ad, Diet Coke Machines

1980 – Selections of Morrow book, CHANTING translated to Danish, published in New Music, the journal of Denmark's Composers' Society.

1980 – MC for the World Forum + World Broadcast, Toronto, Buckminster Fuller keynote speaker.

April 1980 – Co–curated and co–produced the 12th International Sound Poetry Festival with Sten Hanson, a seven–day international festival of sound poetry held in New York City. A committee was formed, the money raised, Washington Square Church booked as a venue and we did it. Dozens new musicians and poets took part including Laurie Anderson, Mary Ellen Solt, Carles Santos, Bern Porter, Bernard Heidsieck, Charlie Morrow, Jerome Rothenberg, Adriano Spatola, Beth Anderson, The Four Horsemen, and more.

June 21, 1980 Wave Music IV for Drum and Bugle Corps produced in Minneapolis as part of The Walker Art Center’s New Music America. The musicians’ uniforms were covered with small mirrors. The tempo gradually increased from the beginning of the piece until sunrise.

1980 – Performance at Company Week Festival in London in which Morrow and Toshinori Kondo marched outside the venue to be off stage trumpeters, playing through the wall into the concert hall, only to be detained by a London bobby who escorted the duo back into the hall to check their credentials.

1980 – Francesco Conz, via Dick Higgins, comes to CMA GGK office. Conz commissions from Morrow a one–off piano modification and a limited edition on textile, Copenhagen Waves (1986) one page had drawn score for the event in Denmark.

1980 – Composed music, in association with John Corigliano, for Paddy Chayefsky's Oscar winner Altered States.

1980 – 4 Rose. Mixed media wall installation of letters with ribbon in SOUND Show at PS. 1, NYC. Curator Peter Frank.

1981– Founded The New Wilderness Wind Band

March 1981 Heavy Weight Sound Fight event produced by Morrow and Sten Hanson and co–written with Carles Santos. Performed in Gleason's Gym NYC. Featured Simone Forti, Armand Schwerner, two bands, a mezzo–soprano, a synth organ, Hanson, Santos, and Morrow. Morrow was deemed “winner” in an “off–script” move by the judges. Santos never spoke to Morrow again.

June 21, 1981 Wave Music V for Conch Chorus and Bagpipes, Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center, NYC. First International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness and WNYC FM.

1981 – Participated in Derek Bailey’s Company Week at London's ICA. Improvised on trumpet, conch, ocarinas, jew’s–harp and voice.

1982 Created sonic gas pipeline for the Gas Energy Exhibit, Tennessee Worlds Fair, then installed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Jay Messina, engineer at Record Plant Studios.

1982 Created The Light Opera, directed by Andre Gregory, Tom O'Horgan at LaMama Theater Annex. Min Tanaka butoh dancers with Western Wind vocal ensemble who commissioned the opera.

June 21, 1982 Second International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness and WNYC FM

July 1982 – Toot’n Blink performed in collaboration with New Music America, Chicago, and in honor of John Cage’s 70th birthday. Composed for two fleets of boats on Lake Michigan and conducted by two disk jockeys. Cage told the media “I prefer the blinks.”

October 9, 1982 The Great Wind Event produced with Carole Tuynman and staged at Riverside Park, New York. A processional event with a New Wilderness Wind Band led parade with artist–made kites and balloons.

December 21, 1982 A Participatory Chant held on the beach at Battery Park Landfill on the evening of the winter solstice to invoke the female forces of the universe present in all people.

December 22, 1982 First International Winter Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness and WNYC FM with RAI Corporation.

1982–1990 – “Hefty/Wimpy" jingle, advertising campaign

1983 – Composed score for Barbara Kopple's feature film, Keeping On. Toots Thielsman

1983 – Produced Music in the Key of J – cable TV series of music, poetry, video art,
performed graphics, performance. Manhattan Cablevision. New York

1983 – Met Klaus Schoening, WDR Cologne, through Alison Knowles. Produced The New Wilderness Big Mix, the first in a series of Horspiel for Schoening. Jay Messina, engineer.

1983 Bells in Belgium. International Solstice Celebration performance with electronics on bells in Renaissance belfry in Ghent. Other performances joined in from around the world.

June 21, 1983 Third International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness and WNYC FM. New Zealand, Bermuda and Denmark.

September 1983 – Father passed away. Charlie returned to the family home and, in the attic, found a good-as-new black bowler hat with “JLM” for Joseph Lloyd Morrow on the inside headband.

1984 Far Out at Sea, tableau opera with Poul Borum's libretto. Ars Nova vocal ensemble, Bo Holten, conductor Nanna Nilsson, dancer. Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen, Denmark. Bent Erik Rasmussen, producer for DR. Met Morten and Uffe Elbae

1984 &ndash Met Robert I Freedman, collaborator and friend.

Oct 8, 1984 Wave Music VII for 30 Harps produced in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC by Wendy Chambers. Staged along with a work by Wendy and one by John Cage. 

June 21, 1984 International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness and WNYC FM. Live events in New York clubs with national and international telephone connection to poets was organized for live world broadcast on radio from Record Plant Studios, NYC; partners the public radio of Sweden, Brazil, Greenland, and Denmark. Jay Messina, engineer.

Oct. 14 1985 Music for Great Spaces. Charlie Morrow: Epic Songs of War and Love. Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York. The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble.

1985 – Participated in Festival of Fantastics, Fluxus event, Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art.

1985 – 2009 Collaborated with Mariane Bech, Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art.

1985 – Created Hoerspiel for Schoening, WDR, Metropolis Copenhagen
with cooperation of Denmark Radio DR.

1985 – Created and directed short film, Nanna's Machine Dance, Summer Pa Topen,
Denmark TV. Starring dancer, acrobat Nanna Nilsson.

June 1985 –– City Wave Copenhagen staged in collaboration with Trevor Davies for the opening of the Fools festival, a celebration for all of Copenhagen, DK. The piece involved more than one thousand Danish performers. Met Flemming Madsen.

June 21, 1985 International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness, WNYC FM and New York City Department of Parks. Live event in Central Park dawn to darkness under the combined direction of Carol Tuynman and Marilyn Wood. Steve Rathe, radio producer. Chris Wangro, NYP producer.

1985 – Pillow case with hand stitching as notation. WDR, Cologne, Germany collection of sound art.

1985Fanfare in the Air, outdoor event composition for the opening of WNYC NY broadcast studios, introduced by Mayor Ed Koch. See

June 21, 1986 International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness, WNYC FM with New York City Department of Parks..  Live performance at Central Park, NYC, by Morrow with Don Cherry and his sons, Glen Velez, Tom Pomposello, the Loisaida Samba School, and The Quando Chorus, directed by Michael Schenker. The live radio broadcast was hosted by Andy Caploe and Abby Lincoln from WNYC FM. Included in the transmission were signals from Kansas City, Mo. and a South Pole research station. Steve Rathe, radio producer. Chris Wangro, NYP producer.

1986 – Fanfare in the Air to Inaugurate WNYC New Studios.  Event broadcast by Karin Bacon, event producer. Musicians on balcony and samples of Mayor Ed Koch's voice, with two sound systems, one local, one on top a nearby building. Performed sonic delays created sound collisions in midair. Won small event prize from RAI Corporation Rome, a trip to a radio art gathering in Matera, Italy.

1986 – Performed in Polyphonics X, Paris, France. Organizers Jean–Jacques Lebel and Bernard Heidsieck

1986 – Composed music for Nanna Nilsson's Walls, Bellevue Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark featuring Sanne Salomonsen.

1986 Universitas, a simultaneous performance of many national anthems, composed and staged at University of Louvain, Belgium. Produced by Logos, Ghent BE.

1986 – Studio established at The OmniPark Central Hotel, NYC with Fred/Alan Company. Fred Seibert, Alan Goodman, Tom Pomposello

1986 – Macintosh Computer – start of digital creation

1986 – Composed music for Nanna Nilsson's Walls, Bellevue Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark featuring Sanne Salomonsen.

January 1987 –– Copenhagen Waves at Emily Harvey Gallery, NYC – an exhibition of the event artifacts, drawings and photos by Sven Eric Sokkelund. Copenhagen Waves hand–written score is made a limited edition on canvas by Edizione Conz, Verona, Italy.

March 1987 Spring Voices. Ray Kelly in front of Fire paintings for Charlie Morrow's Spirit Voices Spring Equinox 1987 at No Se No Rivington & Forsythe St., NYC. Also, 4 slides of Fire Paintings by Joan Waltermath 131 Bowery NYC.

June 21, 1987 International Summer Solstice TV & Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness, WNYC TV – FM, New York City Department of Parks. Public event in City Hall Park and Tomkins Square Park, NYC, with media connections to Lapland, Southpole Station, and Rome, Italy. The cast included Mayor Ed Koch, Jerome Rothenberg, John Cage, John Sanborn, Philip Glass, M. Fenley, Lynn Redgrave. Written by Alan Goodman Fred/Alan. Dave Sit, TV producer. Steve Rathe, radio producer. Chris Wangro, NYP producer.

1987 Music VIII for 6 Harpsichords, a perpetuam motem conducted with light beams, performed at Symphony Space, NYC and produced by Wendy Chambers along with a work by her.

1987 – “Sound Drawers,” a sonic self portrait, created. An Ikea 6 drawer bedside unit is fitted with loudspeakers in each drawer, which when opened plays a sound file of Morrow voice sounds.

1987 – Designed sound and scored P–A. Simma’s Beyond Night and Day, one of the first feature films in Sami language.

December 22,1987 Fire Skater and Winter Bells Solstice Celebration.
Winter Bells celebrated the winter solstice with music. The fire skater’s blades were wire–less mixed with a chorus of trombones performing as many of the Churchbells of New York rang. Sponsored by the NY City Dept. of Parks and Recreation.

June 21, 1988 International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness, WNYC FM with New York City Department of Parks. Celebration at Riverside Park, NYC with a street procession to Cathedral of St. John the Divine, public square dance and art show, candlelight procession, dark performance, and midnight flash from cathedral tower. Steve Rathe, radio producer. Chris Wangro, NYP producer.

August 1988 – Staged Montgolfier Musique Event in Lund, Sweden. A celebration of pioneering hot air balloonists the Montgolfier brothers. The event consisted of clown marching band, equestrian drill team and music piped from the balloon baskets as they rose into the sky.

1988 – Blue Glass series of art works with gold calligraphy on blue glass:
drinking glasses, vases, water pitchers virtual windows. Blue plexiglass framed in light colored wood. They have four legs which attach to a surface to allow light from the rear. Text: Skysong

1988 – Processional Piano – uptight piano and stool, Edizione Conz.

October 1988 – Married to Lana Frkovic in a Flux Wedding in the Emily Harvey Gallery.

1988 – Opened studio at 611 Broadway, the Cable Building, NYC

1988 – AT&T Mummenschanz (Telecom 88). Music and sound design composed to inaugurate the ISDN system

May 28, 1989 – Daughter Stephanie Morrow born

June 21,1989 Revelers & Sculpture. Solstice 1989 New York, NY summer sculpture garden event, Battery Park produced by New Wilderness and New York City Department of Parks, Chris Wangro, producer. Sun Ra's Band with Don Cherry
and the boats in the New York harbor

June 21, 1989 International Summer Solstice Radio Broadcast, Produced by New Wilderness, WNYC FM with New York City Department of Parks
Steve Rathe, radio producer.

December 1989 – Morrow’s film Paul’s Story, A Sami in New York premiered at The Margaret Mead Film Festival

Morrow brings The New Wilderness Foundation to rest.

1990 – Created Hoerspiel Arctic, for Klaus Schoening, WDR radio Cologne, German.y

1990 – Created event broadcast, Borderline, for producer Han Reiziger, VPRO radio, The Netherlands.

1990 – Composition for Nam Jun Paik's Versailles Video Wall. Scored Juan Downey's Hard Times and Culture video art work.

1990 – Produced the 2nd Acoustica International for Klaus Schoening WDR at The Whitney Museum, NYC.

1990  Composed music for Nanna Nilson New Now Dancers, Copenhagen, Denmark

1991 – Composed music for Eleanor Antin's Man Without A World.

1991 – Clio Award Show Theme Music, New York

1992 – Created event broadcast, Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves, for producer Han Reiziger, VPRO radio, The Netherlands.

1992 – Kautokeino, Sweden. Helped Asa Simma organize international artists for the first gathering of Sami peoples from around the arctic regions.

1992 – Volvo U.S. annual sales meeting. Music and sound design for orchestra, show cast, multimedia.

1993 – Created music and sound for theater work, Rho, Kirsten Dehlholm, Hotel Pro Forma, Roskilde Festival, Denmark.

1994 – Moved studio to 2095 Broadway, Rutgers Church, NYC. Next door to documentarian Ric Burns.

1994– Created music for theater work, Snow White, Kirsten Dehlholm, Hotel Pro Forma. Denmark.

1994 – Co–produced T.C. McLuhan’s audio version of her best seller Touch the Earth.

1994–6 – Planning and Lectures for Kaos Pilots, Aarhus, San Francisco, New York. Uffe Elbek.

1995 Conducted a project with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo.

1995 – Created “Sound Reliquary,” a box designed to hold short sounds and play them back. It holds the last sound recorded, like a relic. The sound can be recorded over by another sound.

1995 – Heart Beat Machine, Sound Drawers, Gallery of Accumulating Sound. Provins–Legende, sound art show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark, curator Karl Aage Rasmussen

1996 – Heart Beat Machine, Sound Drawers, Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1996Scrutiny in the Great Round (CD ROM), in collaboration with Jim Gasperini and Tennessee Rice Dixon, won the grand prix Milia D’Or at Cannes.

1996 – Haydn “Clock Symphony” created for Nam Jun Paik’s Swatch Watch ZAPPING.

1996 – Composed and staged The History of the Jews, a montage loop with solos by Yuval Waldman and Arturo Sergi.

1996 – Produced Banjo, interactive exhibit for Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History.

1996 – Passive Sound Art Works – Shape of Sound Show at Exit Art, New York  
“Belleview”. The listener(s) stand under a bell–shaped metal resonator and listen(s).
 “Listening Glasses”. The listener stands between two large glass resonators mounted into a wall mount with piano hinges and listens
“Listening box with pipes”. The users speak into and listen to pipes set into a large wood box.
“Listening Blades”. The user places the strap mounted pair of washing machine impellers over the head and ears, and listens.

1996 Circumpolar Radio Greeting of Spring broadcast with the cooperation of radio stations in Alaska, Siberia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Greenland as part of Copenhagen, Denmark. Cultural Capital of Europe 96. Denmark Radio.

1996 – Designed, recorded and installed a seven–language audio tour for the Kennedy Space Center in the form of bus tours and JVC audio tour players.


Installations, True3D (1997 – present)

1997 – Conceptualized and constructed Heartbeat Machine. A version of this machine called And the Beat Goes On is on display at the American Heart Association’s headquarters in Phoenix, AR.

1997 – “Sound Drawers and Doors” in curator Stephan Andreae’s show Arktis–Antarktis at Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Deutsche Bundesrepublik (KAH), Bonn, DE. Drawers and doors, with sound systems inside, emit moments from Morrow's collection of arctic sounds as opened. Windsong ambience released in TOOT! Triple CD.

1997 – Shaman's Journey North presented in Bonn and Berlin. Performed with Åsa Simma and Norman Charles.

1998 Three City Dance – internet dance music performance, staged in Copenhagen, Tokyo and New York, pioneers multi–location video conferencing as an art medium. Produced by KIT, Denmark. Gunnar Wille, live dynamic animation and co–producer.

1999 – Designed and installed sound environments with recorded actors for the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum. Granted an award for this installation from a transportation museums association.

1999 – Design and installation of a multichannel sound environment in the Hall of Planet Earth in the Rose Center of the American Museum of Natural History.
RAANY. Melanie Ide.

1999 – Created Hoerspiel for Schoening, WDR, Song of the Rolling Earth

2000 – Moved studio to 307 Seventh Avenue, NYC with Granary Books.

2000 – Created audio and AV production for the Smithsonian Institution’s The Vikings exhibition. This exhibition was cover story in Time Magazine and The New York Times.

2000 – Sideman on Jerome Rothenberg’s Nordic Tour. Met Maija–Leena Remes.

September 2001 – Founded, with investor Tom Klingenstein, The Charles Morrow Company, LLC to make an audio tour business in the Empire State Building. CMC, LLC became Tony’s New York Productions in October 2003.

2001 – Composed, recorded, and broadcasted A Future Harvest – Vocalize, a twenty–eight minute work exploring human consumption of life on land, in the sea and in the creative world. This was Morrow’s final radio piece for Klaus Scheming’s Studio for Acoustic Art, WDR, Cologne, Germany.

2001 – Composed and Recorded Feather, a floating sonic atmosphere created with music box sounds and clock chimes, for Maija–Leena Remes.

2001 – Lectured on sound design for The Aspen International Design Conference and Helsinki University of Technology.

2001 – Created soundscapes and audio tours for the Great Platte River Road Memorial Archway, NEB winner of a Thea award 2001.

2002 – Created with Charles Morrow Company, the venture, visitors experience and audio tours in eight languages at The Empire State Building, NYC.

2002 BEES, a solo sound art show, presented at Diapason Sound Art Gallery, New York. Michael Schumacher, curator

January 2003 – Mother passed Away. Morrow played for his mother on the Caribbean conch horn during the funeral.

2003 – Returned to Charles Morrow Associates Inc. from venture CMC.

2003 – Invented Morrow Sound(c) Cube spatial sound delivery systems.

2003 – Installed smart projection plus spatial sound for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and for Denver Museum of Art and Science Gates Planetarium.

2003 Audubon’s Aviary, a 3D sound Installation with sensor speakers, installed at New York Historical Society. Sounds of birds envelop the exhibition’s visitors. They fly in characteristic patterns through the space and through the walls.

November 09, 2004 – Opening for three month, entrance sound installation at the Center for Architecture, NYC.

2004 – Participated in the Future of Sound, at the British Academy Awards.

2004Three Hats, triple essay, published in English and Danish by Roskilde Museum of Contemporary At.

2004 – Co–produced the New Sound, New York Sound Cube show at The Kitchen as a showcase of the new MorrowSound True3D technology. Stephen Vitiello, curator. Works by Stephen Vitiello, Mia Masoaka, Shelley Hirsch, Phill Niblock, Pamela Z, Olivia Block, Steve McCaffrey, Charlie Morrow, Michael Schumacher.

2004 – Music in Our Time Festival at Viitisaari, Finland introduced the 3D sound cube and Morrow’s early sound art recordings, events and installations.

2005 – Keynote speech with 3D sound for Danish Museum Curators annual meeting.

2005 Horizontal Vertical Band. Solo Show at MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
Timo Soppela, Curator.

2006 – Roskilde Sound Art Festival. Museum of Contemporary Art.

2006 – Presenter for KIT, Copenhagen International Theatre's Metropolis Lab project.
Sound and Light artists, City Planners, Architects. Denmark

2006 – Created “Sound Windows”. Using special transducers, the window glass becomes a loudspeaker. Sound and light come through it.

2006 – Barton, Vermont becomes principle home. Helsinki, Finland becomes second home. Charlie Morrow Archive begins to grow with curator, Jay Walbert.

2006 – Presenter for KIT, Copenhagen International Theatre's Metropolis Lab project.

2006 – Score for Jean–Jacques Lebel's Les Avatar de Venus

2006 – MorrowSound True3D sound cube installed at Torino Winter Olympics.

2006 – Not Much to Look At, solo show at Archivio Emily Harvey, Venice, Italy.

2007 – Composed and recorded Central Park 1850, a montage of 1850 Central Park, New York bird songs based on historical records and sound from the Cornell Ornithological Lab.

2007 – Composed Central Park 2007, a montage of 2007 Central Park, New York bird songs based on historical records and sound from the Cornell Ornithological Lab.

2007 – Composed and recorded Chorale Bounce, a slow motion recording of William Billings’ Vermont Hymn performed in layers by Yuval Waldman on violin and viola.

2008 – Wadden Sea (Vadehave) Festival, Esbjerg. Denmark. Curated sound art from master class at Vest Jysk Conservatory while a visiting professor

2008 – MARAICE soundscapes, Martti "Mara" Aiha Retrospective at Sara Hilden Museum, Tampere, Finland. A blending of Lapland winds with transformations of Mara speaking about Lapland.

2008 – Waddensea Festival, Esbjerg. Denmark. Curated sound art from master class at Vestjysk Conservatory taught as visiting professor.

2009 Royal Soundscapes, historic Denmark locations tour. 3D sound, tall loudspeakers with royal banners. Stories of the Danish kings over 800 years. KIT Ljud og Ljus.

2009 – Presentation of 3D sound for Danish Light and Sound community. Flemming Madsen.

2009Applause Sounder Soundscape, created for Denmark's Rock Museum, Roskilde.

2010 Windsailssound sculpture installed outdoors in Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark. With Jes Vagnby, architect. KIT Ljud og Ljus.

2010 – Foster+Partner's Forteleza Hall, SC Johnson Headquarters, Racine WI. Perpetual soundscape. RAANY. Tim Ventimiglia.

2010Moonwalk One, a 70mm Francis Thompson film for NASA. 1970 Prize winning documentary feature film re–released by BBC.

2010 Land Sea Air, history of the past, present and future of sound on the Earthin MorrowSound True3D. Steelcase Gallery, New York

2010 – Helsinki sound map (with Maija–Leena Remes)

2010 – Closed studio at 307 Seventh Avenue. Opened Listen Room at Harri Koskinen Studio, Helsinki. Built 3D sound studio in Barton, Vermont.

2010 – Sound Gallery with immersive story telling installations at the Smithsonian Institution’s Arctic Study Center, Anchorage AK.

September 28 – October 2, 2010 – Little Charlie Fest in New York City, celebrating Morrow’s life’s work –Steelcase gallery show, Harvestworks' workshop, two evenings of performances on New York's oldest church organ + projections, a forum and two public events: Solo Parades in Brooklyn and TOOT N Blink with WFMU FM.
2011 – XI Records releases TOOT! triple CD retrospective of the composer’s work. Mastering by Jay Messina.

2011 – Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center granted IDEA Silver Environments Award from Industrial Designers Society of America.

2011 – On RAANY core design team for Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Begins writing Sound Space Memory. Guidelines for Sonic Identity.

2012Sound Glass Space – Akusmata Sound Art Gallery, Helsinki, Four glass works by Harri Koskinen are sonified in a True3d spatial environment. Sound is heard in the 3D sound space and close-up through the glass objects.

2012 – Created “Horae Emilae,” graphite writing, systematically manipulated name on parchment. Papyri show, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy.

2012Magic Forest and Aviary. Perpetual Sound Environments installed at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus OH. RAANY Melanie Ide.

May 2012 Bowling in Bowlers, an afternoon of sound poetry and lawn bowling produced in collaboration with Tom Comitta. Staged at the Oakland Lawn Bowling Club.

June 2012 Four Winds – concerto grosso for four French horns, soundscapes and orchestra.

August – September, 2012 – Composed and toured Arcanum 17, a multimedia composition in collaboration with Christopher Williams. Performed by Williams, Robin Hayward, and True3D sound cube.
October 8, 2012 – Reading at Kelly Writer’s House, University of Pennsylvania. Jacket2.

October 2012 Moving My Vowels – Systematic Shifts in the Service of Patriotism published by and released at the Kelly Writer’s House reading.

October 2012 – Installed and presented Microtropolis, a 3D sound installation with miniature Manhattan, 15 sonic neighborhoods, 12 minute day12 minute night. Moment Factory created motion graphics. Celebrating the release of Windows 8. Zaragunda Productions, Chris Wangro. Mother New York Tom Webster.

November 2012 – Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance, Moscow, Russia. Stetl and Migrations soundscapes. RAANY Doug Balder.

2013 – Began work on Lincoln Castle Revealed, Lincoln UK.

2013 – Developed 360 VR sound for Oculus and other Head Mounted Devices
Files U.S. patent on True3D sound. 2014  expanded filing to include 360 VR sound.

2014 – Developed OculusVR handing chair with Harri Koskinen, hat with Ftitz Strempel.

2014Tool Sound Image – video and 3D sound installation. Cooper–Hewitt National Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, New York, NY

2015 – The Assent of the Fragile 3:21. Sound work on the calls of the Veery bird.

2015 – Lincoln Castle Revealed, Lincolnshire UK. opens with CMP audio systems and audio content: 1850s prison, Magna Carta vault, 3D sound Magna Carta installation.

2015 – Incorporates Charles Morrow OY, with Markus Levlin as CEO, Maija-Leena Remes and Charlie Morrow.

2015 – Becomes a member of Society of Finnish Composers.

2015 – Minimalism Unbound Festival, Helsinki. A performance of Counting & Toad Fish by Petri Kaljuntausta’s Sound Choir.

2015 – Appointed chairman of the immersive sound committee of the International Planetarium Society.

2015 – streamed for 24 hours from 24 time zones, from IBM San Francisco. Peter Kirby, video editor.

2016 – Dream Singing Workshops, Helsinki. Organized by Juho Laitinen.

2017 – streams for 24 hours from 24 time zones. Mix of live and recorded segments. Streamed from Kapsakki Theater, Helsinki. Patent awarded: 3D Sound Method. Campaigns to Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada.

2017 – Patent awarded: 3D Sound Method.

2017 – Campaigns to Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada.

2018 – World Premiere, Helsinki, of “Now is the Time,” Morten Feldman's solo trumpet work written for Morrow in 1964. Juho Laitinen, curator, Kallio Music Days.

2018 – NYU Bobst Library accepts EAR Magazine issues on promise to digitize and publish in searchable form.

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